Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys

The Bronze turkeys are an eye catching bird. They have the color of a wild turkey except a much heavier bird. Both the Bronze and Whites grow fast but the Bronze will dress out smaller.

Males - 25 lbs.

Females - 18 lbs.

St. Run Only - $6.00 ea.

White Turkeys

These are the Broad Breasted Whites. The Broad Breasted have a wide breast and have a rapid growth rate. Mature weight for males is 40 lb. Hens are 25-28 lb.

St. Run Only - $5.60 ea.

When raising turkeys they must have a high protein feed. No less then 28%. This is necessary for the bone structure. It helps prevent leg weakness. We also recommend Vitamins and electrolytes in the water.



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